Wedding Photography Workshop

*** 8th & 9th November 2014***
Raise your game…

This is a hands-on, practical wedding photography workshop which will equip you with the skills to handle whatever is thrown at you on a wedding day. By gaining a better grasp of the technical aspect of wedding photography, you will be able to make the best decisions for a given scenario, and have backup options when things deviate from plan. No more flying by the seat of one’s pants, so to speak! Clear and simple strategies to cover all aspects of a wedding day, using both on and off camera flash and natural light. This workshop covers my way of photographing weddings, packed with to-the-point information and tips. If you want to raise your game, this is the workshop for you.

Also available as a 1-1

Includes comprehensive PDF covering course material, Lightroom presets/brushes & Photoshop actions to take away

Wedding Photography Workshop in London
The workshop is a mix of short theory sessions, with each session immediately followed by a practical session to practise what has just been learnt. You will receive a comprehensive PDF covering all aspects of the workshop to take away, as well as Lightroom presets, brushes and Photoshop actions.

Day 1 topics:


   – What’s in my bag, and why

   – Lens choices, composition & DOF

   – ISO & quality of light

   – Minimum settings, to be safe

   – Wedding day scenarios and how I tackle each stage, in detail

   – Practical shooting throughout the day…


   – How exactly does that flashgun work

   – TTL & Manual flash

   – Rear curtain sync and when to use it

   – Dealing with difficult light sources

   – White balance and gels

   – Inverse square law – make it work for you!

   – Flash modifiers – what, when and how for On and Off CF

   – On-camera flash in detail (I use it extensively)

   – Off-camera flash made simple

   Natural light:

   – Quality of light and “seeing” it

   – Natural light versus flash and supplemented with flash

   – Indoor and outdoor considerations

   – Background selection

Day 2 topics:


   – Short portfolio review for each attendee and ideas to improve

   – Couple shoot practical session including how I direct my couples

      Workflow & processing:

   – Downloading and backing up

   – Selecting the keepers

   – Lightroom workflow in detail

   – Photoshop automated final steps

   – Note – Lightroom presets, brushes and PS actions are provided as part of this workshop.

   – How I design and proof albums using Fundy and structure my album packages geared for good up-selling options.

The details:

When: *** 8th & 9th November 2014***

– Venue: Richmond, southwest London

– Duration: two full days, 9:30am start until we’re done which will likely be around 5:30pm

– Lunch & refreshments are included

– Cost:

  • £325 for both days
  • £210 for a single day (book either one)
  • Payment terms: £50 to reserve your place, with the balance due latest 1 week prior to workshop.
  • Use the contact form below to enquire about 1-1 or small group workshops

– You will receive a comprehensive PDF covering the course material, as well as Lightroom presets/brushes & Photoshop actions

– To book your spot on this wedding photography workshop, complete the form below and you will receive a confirmation email including payment details shortly afterwards

Wedding Photography Workshop

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