Wedding Photography Flash Workshop

*** 15th December 2014***
On and Off Camera Flash

This wedding photography flash workshop will equip you with the understanding and skills with which to tackle any lighting situation you may encounter on a typical wedding day requiring the use of flash. By taking control and removing the doubts in your mind, you will have confidence to know how to light your subjects using the most appropriate method for the given situation. This applies to the entire wedding day, from bridal preparation to the first dance and beyond.

As a wedding photographer I like getting great results while keeping things simple and will share exactly how I go about using flash at weddings, allowing me to work very fast and efficiently.

Also available as a 1-1

Includes comprehensive PDF covering course material

On-camera flash is a very powerful tool. Learn to use it effectively so that it doesn’t look like on-camera flash, clean up skin tones, or to create some funky effects. I will explain exactly how I use on-camera flash in fine detail.

Off-camera flash is a very popular topic, but it doesn’t have to be confined to dramatic couple portraits. Learn to use OCF to give consistency and great lighting in a variety of wedding day scenarios.

This workshop is split into an initial classroom session with a Q&A, followed by a practical session with lots of shooting, putting into practice the newly learnt techniques.

Workshop Topics:

– Ambient exposure & Flash exposure

– How exactly does that flashgun work

– Front and rear curtain sync

– TTL versus Manual flash and exposure recipes

– Freezing motion & dragging the shutter

– How to deal with disruptive light sources

– White balance and gels

– Inverse square law made simple and how it can work for you

– Effective on-camera flash (bouncing, flagging, gelling, use of different modifiers)

– Manual OCF & basic kit required

– Bare OCF flash and modifiers (umbrellas, softboxes, grids etc.) & when to use what

– Using OCF to light speeches, dancing, indoor and outdoor group shots, couple portraits both in daytime and dramatic night time portraits with multiple speedlights

– Practical session

The details:

– The wedding photography flash workshop is conducted either at a London location (usually Richmond, West London) or I can run a session at your location for a reduced fee plus my travel expenses

– When? ** 15th December 2014***

– Venue: Warwick House, Warwikshire, CV47 0HN

– Duration – a full day, 9:30am start until we’re done which will likely be around 5:30pm

– Cost:

  • Group workshop (max 10 people) – £215 per person
  • Payment terms: £50 to reserve your place, with the balance due latest 1 week prior to workshop
  • Use the contact form below to enquire about 1-1 or small group workshops, or workshops outside of London

– You will receive a comprehensive PDF covering the course material

– To book, complete the form below and you will receive a confirmation email including payment details shortly afterwards

Flash Workshop 1-1 - booking/enquiry form

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