Boreham House Wedding Photography

Boreham House Wedding Photography

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Boreham House Wedding Photography

It’s about time for another “image of the week” I think! Now this is not as regular a feature as I would like given how busy I have been, but here goes. Last year I shot a fabulous two day Hindu wedding at Boreham House in Essex. I had wrapped up all the coverage the bride and groom wanted, which was during a lull near the end of a religious ceremony on the first day. After having something to eat, my assistant and I packed up, said goodbye and started walking to the car which was a short distance away. Suddenly I heard a bit of activity, turned sideways and saw what I captured in this image. The light was very low as the sun had pretty much dipped below the horizon but there was still a small hint of colour in the sky.

To be honest I got very excited as I immediately saw the picture I wanted to make in my mind’s eye – the juxtaposition of the ladies against the near dark but yet still colourful sky. I knew that if I allowed more light into the camera I could make the scene appear a little brighter than it did to the naked eye. That is exactly what I did here. I also knew that I needed a pretty fast shutter speed to freeze their motion. I quickly stopped, zipped open my camera case and grabbed my camera which had a lens already attached to it, established my settings in a few seconds and captured a variety of shots. Being able to pre-visualise the image, react quickly and instinctively know the correct camera settings ensured I managed to capture an image which turned out to be one of the bride’s favourites…

For the photographers out there, here are some details on the kit I used and the settings:

Canon 5D Mk iii fitted with a Canon 24-105mm F4L IS lens.

Aperture: F4; Shutter Speed: 1/200s; ISO: 6400

If you are getting married at this fabulous venue and would like to discuss your Boreham House wedding photography in more detail, why not contact me for a chat!

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