Sikh Wedding Photographer

I recently had the great pleasure of photographing Amrita & Jag’s Sikh Wedding in Slough. When Amrita was looking for a Sikh wedding photographer I was delighted when she asked me if I was available, especially since I had photographed her friends wedding last year and it’s always great getting referrals. The big day was preceded by Amrita’s Mehndi and Jag’s Vatna and pre-wedding party, and followed the next day by one of the very best receptions I have photographed in ages – more on that in another post!

On the morning of the wedding I arrived at Jag’s house for some coverage prior to heading off to the Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Slough for the ceremony. I love the energy and traditions of photographing Sikh weddings and soon enough things kicked off with Jag’s arrival with his family and guests dancing to the sound of the dohl drummer before the two families officially met and greeted each other during the Milni. The weather held up nicely so we had the Milni outside and needless to say there was some hilarious wrestling and lifting going on amongst the younger guys! We all headed off for some breakfast before heading upstairs for the ceremony.

Amrita looked absolutely stunning as Jag will no doubt attest to, judging by the look on his face when she entered. The ceremony also included a short civil wedding with an exchange of rings and was filled with emotional and touching moments. I sometimes tell my clients that the images I capture are not entirely down to me alone. I bring all my skills as a wedding photographer but fabulous images are also a product of what the bride and groom “give” so to speak, and Amrita and Jag gave in spades in terms of emotion filled expressions, moments and happiness.

After the ceremony everyone went downstairs for a delicious lunch. I will forever remember that lunch, for that is when I tasted the best naan bread ever. As in ever, with nothing even coming remotely close! It was being freshly baked in an oven outside the temple and brought in for all the guests to enjoy. Okay, this isn’t a blog post about my taste for delicious bread so I will get back on track…

We then all went over to Amrita’s house for the Doli. Amrita’s family really put up a fantastic barricade on the front door including orange cones and tape where Jag had to negotiate his way past by means of providing some good hard cash! After the Doli and Amrita’s emotional departure we went to Jag’s house where my coverage ended before going home to recharge and prepare for what was an amazing wedding reception at Froyle Park in Hampshire. What a brilliant day and reminder of why I love photographing Sikh weddings! If you are looking for a Sikh Wedding Photographer please get in touch for a chat about the plans for your big day!
Sikh Wedding Photographer - Dancing during Groom's Arrival Sikh Wedding Photographer - Grrom arriving at Sikh Temple Milni at Sikh wedding Sikh Wedding Photography by Bellissima Photo Milni at Sikh Wedding in Slough Milni lifting and wrestling Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Slough Asian Wedding Photographer Ring Exchange Sikh Wedding Ceremony at Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Slough Sikh Wedding Ceremony at Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Slough Sikh Wedding at Singh Sabha Gurdwara  Sikh Wedding Ceremony at Singh Sabha Gurdwara Sikh Wedding Ceremony in Slough Sikh Wedding Ceremony by Bellissima Photo Sikh Wedding Photography - Groom bartering at Bride's Home Sikh Wedding Photographer - Bride and Groom Portraits Sikh Wedding Photography by David Bell Sikh Wedding Photographer David Bell Sikh Wedding Photography by Bellissima Photo Sikh Wedding Photography - Doli Bride leaving parent's home during Sikh Wedding Sikh Wedding Doli Sikh Wedding - Bride Family saying goodbye Asian Wedding Photography by Bellissima Photo Asian weddings by Bellissima Photo

BellissimaPhotoSikh Wedding Photographer

Northbrook Park Wedding

I met Tinu and Kesh over a coffee last year to discuss the possibility of me shooting their Northbrook Park wedding, in Surrey. As a London wedding photographer I must confess I do enjoy escaping the big smoke and getting out to amazing venues like Northbrook Park, so I was delighted they decided to book me! Earlier this summer we met at The Royal Landscape just outside London for a pre-wedding shoot on a glorious sunny day. I decided to shoot a roll of film that day as well and you can see the results here.

Roll on the big day and I started photographing Tinu’s bridal preparation nice and early. I was chuffed to capture one of my favourite bridal preparation images yet – I will let you have a go at guessing which one below!

As usual time flies on a wedding day and soon enough it was time for the civil ceremony, which was a nice intimate affair for which Tinu wore the first of her stunning outfits and Kesh looked very dapper in his suit! After the short ceremony we popped outside onto the lawn for some group shots before it was time for a spot of lunch and to change for the Hindu ceremony. The weather had been threatening in the run up to the wedding and I am very pleased that they stood firm and opted for an outdoor Hindu ceremony as it looked spectacular and it’s always nicer being outside than inside when possible.

Kesh made his way from one of the lovely apartments to the outdoor ceremony area accompanied by a Dohl drummer and loads of family and friends dancing – what an atmosphere and this is one of the many reasons I love shooting Asian weddings. Then the ceremony commenced and Tinu made her entrance a short while later, looking stunning in her second outfit of the day. After the ceremony we had the traditional games and Kesh having to barter to get his shoes back – very entertaining!

The weather was starting to close in at this point so we quickly nipped off for a brief couple shoot. Then the rain came and everyone made their way inside the Orangery for the reception. Tinu and Kesh made their entrance a little while later in their final outfits for the day, looking amazing. After some fun and touching speeches, and of course after a good old feast, there was lots of dancing and partying into the night.

That wrapped up a thoroughly fun and enjoyable day for me with a fabulous couple. If you are getting married at Northbrook Park and would like to discuss you requirements in further detail, please contact me for a chat.

001 Northbrook Park Wedding Hindu Wedding Photography at Northbrook ParkWedding at Northbrook Park002a Northbrook Park Wedding Asian Bridal Preparation Asian Bridal Preparation Asian wedding bangles Civil ceremony at Northbrook Park Civil ceremony at Northbrook Park Civil ceremony at Northbrook Park Civil ceremony at Northbrook ParkCivil ceremony vows Civil ceremony vows Civil ceremony vows Confetti at Northbrook Park Hindu wedding at Northbrook Park Asian wedding at Northbrook Park Northbrook Park Asian wedding Hindu Wedding Photography Hindu Wedding Photographer Mandap at Northbrook Park Outdoor Hindu wedding Outdoor Hindu wedding Outdoor Hindu wedding at Northbrook ParkLondon wedding photographer Hindu wedding games Asian wedding portrait Hindu wedding at Northbrook Park Peacock at Northbrook Park wedding Orangery wedding entrance Speeches at wedding reception Northbrook Park wedding photography Reception party Dancing at Northbrook Park Wedding Nothrbrook Park wedding receptionLondon wedding photography Nothrbrook Park wedding reception Couple portriat in the rain at Northbrook Park

BellissimaPhotoNorthbrook Park Wedding

Caswell House Wedding Photography

Early this year I received an enquiry from Ashlie and Daniel asking if I was available for their Caswell House wedding photography. The fact they were referred to me by another photographer, who also happened to be a family member, was great. No pressure then! We met up a couple of months before the wedding in central London for a nice chilled out pre-wedding shoot, or engagement shoot as it is also called. I really enjoy these shoots as we get to know one another a little bit better and take some pictures in a nice relaxed atmosphere with zero pressure and have a good chat about the upcoming big day!

As a wedding photographer based in London it’s always nice to jump in the car to photograph a wedding a little bit further afield, so fast forward a couple of months and I made my way up to Caswell House in Brize Norton, just a short drive from Oxford. Ashlie was getting ready in the lovely Coach House on the property, which is a spacious and very luxurious apartment – perfect for photographing all the excitement before the actual wedding. Time flew by and then it was time for the ceremony. Ashlie looked stunning as she was led up the aisle in the beautifully decorated barn and the look on Daniel’s face when he saw her said it all! After the ceremony we all made our way outside for a drinks reception and to enjoy the amazing sunny weather. We then ran through a few group photos before I whisked the couple away and around the corner for what was the first couple shoot. I usually just do one couple shoot and then wrap up with a dramatically lit night time shot, but before the first dance while people were milling about outside, the light was just gorgeous. Far too gorgeous to ignore so I asked Ashlie and Daniel whether I could steal them for a few minutes for another quick shoot as it would be well worth it! They were absolutely brilliant and very much up for more couple photos. So we did a quick set and then I quickly had them back with their guests.

Then it was time for the first dance and some partying before I wrapped up my coverage with one final shot on a lovely little bridge over a pond. A fantastic day with a really lovely couple who both looked amazing and very, very happy!

If you are getting married and would like to discuss your Caswell House wedding photography please contact me for an informal chat about your requirements.

Caswell House Wedding Photographer Bradal preparation at Caswell House Coach Room Caswell House Caswell House Wedding Ceremony Caswell House Wedding CeremonyBride walking up the aisle Caswell House Oxfordshire Wedding Ceremony Caswell House Wedding by Bellissima Photo Oxfordshire Wedding Photography Caswell House Wedding Caswell House Wedding Photography Caswell House Weddings Wedding at Caswell House Couple portraits Caswell House Oxfordshire Bridal Portrait Caswell House Wedding portrait Caswell House Bridesmaids at Caswell House Wedding Photography as Caswell House Speeches at Caswell House wedding Speeches at Caswell House wedding Sunny Oxfordshire wedding Sunny Oxfordshire wedding at Caswell House Caswell House Wedding Photographer Caswell House Wedding Photographer  Dancing at Caswell House Groom smoking cigar at Caswell House Wedding photography at Caswell House Caswell House Wedding Photographer

BellissimaPhotoCaswell House Wedding Photography

Laavanya & Ken’s London Wedding

After photographing Laavanya and Ken’s Hindu wedding last year, I was delighted when Laavanya got in touch to ask me to photograph their Catholic wedding in Blackheath, South East London. They were fabulous to work with last year so I was very much looking forward to seeing them again!

Having travelled across from the other side of London, I arrived nice and early to photograph Laavanya getting ready, as I am paranoid about ever being late! So over a very welcome cup of tea I unpacked my camera kit and got started.

Then it was on to the church for the ceremony followed by a couple shoot. We all jumped into one car and took in a few spots in Blackheath, one of which had me standing in the middle of a busy roundabout with Ken and Laavanya standing on a small patch of grass in front of a busy road with some trees right behind them! But looking at the photographs, one would never know. As a London wedding photographer one has to sometimes improvise and with one’s vision, the right kit and technical competence, make something out of what would seemingly be very ordinary or maybe even on the face of it, an unsuitable environment. Talking about spectacular environments, we finished off the couple shoot down by the river in Greenwich. After well-deserved refreshments all round, as it was really baking, I wrapped up my coverage for the day.

If you are planning a London wedding and are searching for a photographer to for your big day, please contact me for a chat about your requirements in further detail.

Blackheath Wedding Photographer

Blackheath Wedding Photography

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Greenwich Wedding Photography

Blackheath Wedding

St Mary's Catholic Church Blackheath

Weddiung at St Mary's Catholic Church Blackheath

Wedding portrait Blackheath

Wedding portrait Blackheath

Greenwich Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography in Greenwich Blackheath Wedding Photographer

BellissimaPhotoLaavanya & Ken’s London Wedding

Danesfield House Wedding Photography

It is amazing to think that it was almost a year ago when I met up with Ross and Amrika for a chat about their Danesfield House wedding photography. I was delighted that they decided to book and was really looking forward to shooting at this fabulous venue, steeped in rich history and nestled in the countryside near Marlow in Buckinghamshire. As a London wedding photographer I must admit it is nice to get out into the countryside to shoot a wedding in lovely summer weather! Fast forward nearly a year and the big day was upon us!

I started photographing Amrika’s bridal preparation late morning. Everyone was buzzing with excitement and I jumped in and started off photographing all the details such as the dress, shoes, jewellery and so on before just photographing things as they unfold. Time flew by and soon enough I was in the car on my way to Danesfield House.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous and some of the guests who had already arrived were milling about on the terrace, while Ross was having his interview with the registrars in the totally spectacular Versailles Suite! This is one of the most spectacular rooms for a wedding ceremony I have ever been in, and this includes some very fancy five star London hotels. It really is gorgeous! When Amrika and her father made their entrance I swung the camera around to capture the look on Ross’ face. These moments are priceless… After the ceremony Ross and Amrika made their way back down the aisle with confetti raining down on them!

We then went back onto the terrace for a drinks reception with some live musical entertainment from steel drum player. After some group shots and a quick couple shoot everyone made their way back into the Versailles Suite for the reception, which had been magically transformed and decorated in the time we were out on the terrace. After some heartfelt and downright amusing speeches it was time to eat, and for my assistant and I to decamp to the bar area to enjoy a tasty meal ourselves.

As the weather was so good, it was decided to move the cake outside. This is a rarity in the UK and it was great – an outdoor cutting of the cake. First dance followed and some very lovely dancing which is always fun to be in the middle of – yes I get right in there and don’t stand on the sides!

If you’re getting married and would like to have a chat about your Danesfield House wedding photography requirements in further detail, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Danesfield House WeddingFirst Dance at Danesfield House First Dance at Danesfield House First Dance at Danesfield House Danesfield House wedding reception Danesfield House wedding reception Danesfield House wedding reception

BellissimaPhotoDanesfield House Wedding Photography